IELTS is an exam needed by many people for immigration, academic, and work purposes. There are two IELTS exams, one is general and one is academic. It is important that you find out exactly which one you need, so that you register and practice for the correct one. We offer both academic and general IELTS. Visit our center for a diagnostic exam to assess your level. We will discuss with you about your needs and tailor a plan right for you. Whether you need a band 5 to enter college or a band 7 for emigration, we have a course suitable for you.


So what does the IELTS exam look like? Well, it is broken down into four major skills: Reading, Listening, Writing (task 1 and task 2), and Speaking.




  • Approximately 30 minutes with 10 extra minutes to transfer your answers.
  • Same for both general and academic IELTS
  • Scan questions ahead of listening to make predictions



  • 60 minutes with no extra time for answer transfer, so keep track of time.
  • Three academic texts broken down into 20 minutes each, but there are important strategies for this. You do not want to spend time on a section that is too difficult before completing easier sections.
  • Test varies between the general and academic IELTS.
  • You must KNOW question types and strategies.



Task 1: You should spend approximately 20 minutes of this task.


  • Academic and general are different.
  • Academic is a short descriptive report based on data or visual information.
  • General task 1 is a response to a situation or problem in a letter format.
  • Task one should be answered after task 2.

Task 2: You should spend approximately 40 minutes on this essay.


  • This essay can ask for an opinion, agree and disagree, cause and effect, and many others.
  • You should include a hook to interest the reader, a clear thesis statement, topic and supporting sentences, and transition words.
  • There should be a wide use of vocabulary words and accurate grammar.
  • Make sure to read the question twice, so that you answer it correctly.
  • This writing piece should be completed first.



  • This will take anywhere between 12-14 minutes in total
  • Part 1: You will be asked to provide basic and more personal information.
  • Part 2: You will be asked to read a topic and prepare for one minute and
    then speak continuously for two minutes using notes you prepared.
  • Part 3: This portion is connected to part 2, but it asks for more abstract
    and analytical information, and it requires less personal and more world knowledge.

You should also keep in mind that vocabulary and grammar are both very important for all of the above sections. You should be studying the academic word list and focusing on synonyms and antonyms. There are many IELTS themes, such as technology and health and fitness, which can be discussed and practiced in a class environment. However, the most important component is that you have sufficient practice and confidence before entering into the exam!