“What an amazing teacher that makes you excited to learn and do your work. She encourages you to do your best in your work and class. Thank you miss Julia”


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What exactly is IELTS? IELTS is an International English Language exam, which non native English speakers need for immigration, work, and academic purposes. The exam is made up of listening, reading, writing, and a speaking interview. We offer IELTS courses in Dubai to help you prepare for this exam. Our IELTS courses are facilitated by native English instructors who have experience teaching English and IELTS. Envision specialises in IELTS test preparation. We know the IELTS strategies for making the test more accessible and for helping you achieve the IELTS band you need. We also help you build academic and IELTS vocabulary and we target the important grammar points needed for this exam.  You can visit our What is IELTS Page to learn more about this exam. Please read about our IELTS courses below. For all of our IELTS courses in Dubai, we offer both general and academic preparation.




الإعداد لامتحان IELTS للمبتدئين : This IELTS course prepares entry level students for the  IELTS Examination. This IELTS course helps build student’s English foundation in preparation for the IELTS exam. This course focuses on IELTS reading strategies, the process for writing an IELTS Task 1 & Task 2, IELTS listening strategies, as well as practice speaking for the IELTS interview. The course will also work on building academic and IELTS specific vocabulary. Moreover, learners will work with both authentic English texts and well as IELTS preparation materials in order to develop their English language proficiency while becoming familiar with the basics of the IELTS exam. Students will prepare for IELTS in a safe learning environment where they will be given encouragement and constructive feedback to help them improve their English skills for the IELTS exam. IELTS Course Outcome: A strong foundation for IELTS.



“I would like to thank Envision for the great IELTS preparation course. The course in Envision is so helpful and effective. I have benefited a lot from the course. Ms. Julia has provided me with the important tips and strategies to take the IELTS exam. Also I have enlarged my lexical words since we practiced writing and reading. Ms. Julia has provided me with a friendly, motivating, and effective environment to practice all the English skills. I encourage everyone to join Ms. Julia’s courses at Envision because it’s worth it”. Fatima Wazne



الإعداد لامتحان IELTS للمتوسطين : This IELTS course prepares students who need a 4.5 – 5.5 on the IELTS Exam. This course is for students, who need an IELTS 5.0-5.5 to enter college  or other academic programs. This IELTS course will cover all IELTS strategies for all four skills and give students ample practice with IELTS authentic texts. Students will continue to build their vocabulary and improve grammatical accuracy.  Students will be given practice IELTS samples throughout this IELTS class and will be given a full MOCK (practice) IELTS exam at the end of the course with feedback. Course Outcome: Stronger IELTS preparation in all four skills.


“I would like say that it was a great experience all together with Envision. I improved a lot in all my skills especially writing skills. It was a wonderful experience I ever had and special thanks to Julia for all of her support and cooperation. I will be more than happy if I get a chance to recommend Envision to my friends”. Sahil



الإعداد لامتحان IELTS للمتقدمين :  This IELTS course prepares students for more advanced IELTS skills. This course is for those who need an IELTS course to help them achieve a higher IELTS band for academic and immigration purposes. We offer both general and academic IELTS preparation courses.  Students must be at a higher English level to join this course. Course Outcome: Enhanced skills with a stronger focus on academic IELTS vocabulary and grammatical accuracy and complexity. Students will also have much more confidence accessing the IELTS exam and have a clearer understanding of how it is structured and the necessary strategies and skills needed to achieve a higher IELTS band.


“It has been my great pleasure to express my deep sense of gratitude to the people of Envision. My learning there has been an awesome unprecedented memorable and joyous journey. I have been able to restore my confidence in my skills and enhance it further. Thank you for the great support and guidance I received, without that I would never be in here. Indeed learning there has brought out the best of me.” Hani Hammadeh


IELTS one-to-one and small group 

This IELTS instruction is tailored to individual needs and timings will vary. The amount of hours will depend on placement and the IELTS band that participants wish to achieve. Students will work with a highly experienced IELTS instructor and native English teacher, who will tailor a specific IELTS plan to work on over an agreed period of time. Learners will be provided with consistent feedback to track progress and to understand where improvement is needed.