She is the most committed teacher I have ever met. Her teaching way makes me so happy and I keep waiting for the next lesson. I learned a lot from her. Thank you so much Julia.


We offer English courses in Dubai for different levels and different learning styles. Not everyone wants to learn English in a group setting, whereas some learn best with others. Our native English teachers will provide one to one, small group, and small class instructions.  You will have lots of practice speaking English and teachers will provide feedback so that you know how you are improving. Our teachers also practice the communicative approach to English language learning. This means that you will learn English in a safe and supportive environment which is student centered and includes small group discussions, debates, presentations, role-plays, and where it is okay to make mistakes. The only way to really learn English for practical purposes is to have a meaningful reason to use it. Our Dubai English courses and tuitions offer ample opportunities to practice, because you will not be learning merely from a book but instead you will be engaged in interesting conversations about current events, watch TED Talks and other videos to stimulate English discussions, and you will have opportunities to share your wealth of knowledge with others. This is the best way to learn English!


Envision’s English Courses in Dubai


Basic English classes for starter-elementary levels, one-to-one and tailored small group tuitions.


Basic English grammar, sentence structure, and a strong vocabulary focus using all four skills. This course is for individuals who need the basics of the English language and who want to start speaking. Course Outcome: Knowledge of beginner grammar, sentence structure, and vocabulary. Students will be able to speak common phrases and begin to form sentences to communicate for practical English speaking experiences.



Pre-intermediate-intermediate English level classes, one to one and tailored small group English courses. 


For these English levels, the focus is on all four skills, but with a strong speaking focus. This course is for academic and non-academic individuals, who want to improve their English with a stronger focus on speaking. Especially in Dubai, many people need to speak English for work purposes.  Course Outcome: Stronger comprehension of all four skills and confidence speaking and using  English for practical everyday purposes.



Upper-intermediate-advanced English levels, one to one and tailored small group tuitions 


For these English courses and tuitions in Dubai, there will be a strong focus on all four skills but will have a writing, reading, and grammar emphasis. This course is for individuals with strong English skills, who want to focus on grammatical accuracy, pronunciation and improve literacy skills. There will also be a focus on Speaking English with more accuracy and greater confidence, as well as using more academic vocabulary. English conversations will be focused around interesting articles and reflective writings in order to integrate all four of the English language skills. Course outcome: Improved literacy, speaking, and listening skills with an explicit focus on academic vocabulary and grammatical accuracy.







Business English and Business Matters courses

These business English courses are delivered by a UK corporate trainer. They focus on business English terminology, planning, managing time, understanding conflict, email etiquette and report writing. Students are given individual feedback on written communication in order to improve their business English writing skills. Students are also given opportunities to speak and present in English in order to improve their communication, interpersonal skills and confidence with the English language.



Academic Skills for upper-intermediate-advanced learners


Many young adults are transitioning from high school to college and often times they are not prepared for this jump. Our Academic Skills English language course in Dubai offers students, from all learning backgrounds, a chance to improve their 21st century skills.  This English and Academic Skills course focuses on note taking, summarising, reading comprehension strategies, writing for academic purposes and presentation skills. Course outcome: Improved research, literacy and presentation skills. You will also have more confidence accessing English language academic texts, taking notes, writing summaries in English and participating in more academic English language discussions.