We offer English courses in Dubai for different levels and different learning styles. Not everyone wants to learn English in a group setting, whereas some learn best with others. Our native English teachers will provide one to one, small group, and small class instructions.  You will have lots of practice speaking English and teachers will provide feedback so that you know how you are improving. Our teachers also practice the communicative approach to English language learning. This means that you will learn English in a safe and supportive environment which is student centered and includes small group discussions, debates, presentations, role-plays, and where it is okay to make mistakes. The only way to really learn English for practical purposes is to have a meaningful reason to use it. Our Dubai English courses and tuitions offer ample opportunities to practice, because you will not be learning merely from a book but instead you will be engaged in interesting conversations about current events, watch TED Talks and other videos to stimulate English discussions, and you will have opportunities to share your wealth of knowledge with others. This is the best way to learn English!



Envision’s English Courses in Dubai


As a summer special, courses including the IELTS Prep for Teachers and IELTS Prep for College Admissions, taken between July and September will be eligible for a 25% discount in course fees



Dubai English teachers are required to have an Academic IELTS exam score of 7.5.  English medium teachers of other subjects must have an Academic IELTS score of 7.   Envision Language and Training Center has designed a course specifically for teachers.
Working in collaboration with UAE teachers, IELTS for Teachers is a blended model of 20 hours of classroom activities and instruction with a native English speaking IELTS expert.  An additional 12 hours of independent activities, in small groups virtual meet up groups via Skype or Zoom Webinar.  The program allows for the flexibility teachers need.  Envision is also offering this course at a discount of 25% off the normal IELTS Preparation courses.




Envision IELTS Preparation for College Admissions prepares students who need a 4.5 – 5.5 on the IELTS Exam for admission to university or other academic programs. This course will cover IELTS strategies for all four skills while giving students ample practice with authentic IELTS texts. Students will continue to build their vocabulary and improve grammatical accuracy.  Students will be given practice IELTS samples throughout the course and a full MOCK (practice) IELTS exam at the end of the course with feedback.

* To know more drop a call to +971 4 554 9009 / 055 568 1946 or an email to information@envisiondxb.com

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