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On Being Aware by Jayasri

How many of us actually observe our surroundings with complete attention? We take things around us for granted without understanding or enjoying the uniqueness of the experience. Let’s come together to explore this uniqueness. Jayasri will lead this hands-on workshop, which will include group-work, discussions, out of the box thinking, and it is appropriate for … Continue reading On Being Aware by Jayasri

English in the Workplace

What does English in the workplace even mean? Organisations often struggle with poor customer service, and they are constantly looking for a “quick fix”. What is not always obvious is that many employees actually need help with their English and confidence in order to communicate effectively with customers. As adults, it becomes more and more … Continue reading English in the Workplace

  Dubai English Community     Envision hosts Dubai English Community once a month as a way for members of the community to enjoying using their English in a natural and creative environment. Past Dubai English Community meetups have involved:     Mime and the performing arts Sustainability Trekking the 7 Summit Strategising your life … Continue reading

IELTS introductory demo lesson

Do you need to take the IELTS exam? Do you want to learn the basics of IELTS before signing up for IELTS test preparation? We are offering a free IELTS presentation/lesson, which will cover the basics of the IELTS exam. During this lesson, you will learn about the different IELTS skills and strategies needed in … Continue reading IELTS introductory demo lesson


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