English Courses

Envision will help greatly improve your English for social, work, and academic settings. These courses will help improve your skills and boost your confidence using English.

Test Preparation

Get the IELTS band you need for work, college entrance, and for immigration.Obtain the CEPA score necessary for entrance into the college of your choice. Let Envision prepare you for these exams.

Supporting Corporate Development

We support organisations to develop their people and we have a track record of successful projects in the UK and UAE.


  • “I would like to thank teacher Julia for the great time we spend in her classes. The classes were not only beneficial for us but also super exciting. I enjoyed going to the class and I was always motivated to work more in order to improve. She has built a wonderful personal connection. I enjoyed the friendly atmosphere in Envision center, and I certainly recommend it to anyone how is looking for quality learning”. Hazar

    -IELTS testimonial

  • “I attended İELTS preparation classes in February – March 2015 and was very satisfied with the teaching method. The teacher explained the structure of the exam, taught us how to succeed on the exam by giving many relative exercises and useful tips. Writing was the most challenging part of the exam for me, and I thought it’s not possible to write a good essay for 40 minutes. But Julia (my teacher) helped me to understand strategies and the format of the essay, she explained to me how to write each paragraph and gave clues to different types of the essay-questions. Moreover, I have improved my Speaking and Listening skills a lot, my vocabulary increased as well. I have attended many different English courses in Russia and Denmark, and I can say that Julia is one of the best teacher I ever met. She is a very professional teacher who can find a comprehensive method of teaching for each student”. Yulia



  • “I would like to thank Envision for the great useful IELTS preparation courses. It’s really helped me to understand the strategy of English in all the subjects that IELTS contained. However, all this wouldn’t be happening without assisting from our astonishing tutor Ms Julia. I encourage everyone who is really interested in learning English to join Ms Julia’s class because, she will give you exactly what you need with no hesitation”. Rawad Yehyea

    -Rawad Yehyea

  • I would like to describe Julia with Confucius’s words “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”, as Julia’s personality showed that teaching was not only her profession, but her way of living. Her presentation and involvement proved to us that we are not just people who teach for the sake of teaching, but a small part of one real family of educator, tutors, etc. We realised that our students don’t need to be only good thinkers, but also self-reliable and independent learners. She helped us realise how a really good course book can lead our students toward success. We’d love to have the chance to meet Julia again and wish her all the bet in her successful career.

    -Kremena Stancheva

  • I have had the pleasure of enrolling at Envision Language & Training Center and what a great experience it was! The course is absolutely exceptional and totally enjoyable with extremely valuable tips. Moreover, I feel like I have improved a lot.  Julia such a thoughtful and inspiring teacher and she taught me with the great dedication. Thank you Julia

    -Liuda Calin

  • I would like to thank Ms. Julia for the great IELTS preparation course. The course in Envision is so helpful and effective. I have benefited a lot from the course. Ms. Julia has provided me with the important tips and strategies to take the IELTS exam. Also I have enlarged my lexical words since we practiced writing and reading. Ms. Julia has provided me with a friendly, motivating, and effective environment to practice all the English skills. I encourage everyone to join Ms. Julia’s courses at Envision because it’s worth it

    -Fatima Wazne

  • I would like say that it was a great experience all
    together with Envision. I improved a lot in all my skills especially writing skills.
    It was a wonderful experience I ever had and special thanks to Julia for all of her support and cooperation. I will be more than happy if I get a chance to recommend Envision to my friends.


  • It has been my great pleasure to express my deep since of gratitude to the people of Envision. My learning there has been an awesome unprecedented memorable and joyous journey. I have been able to restore my confidence in my skills and enhance it further. Thank you for the great support and guidance I received, without that I would never be in here. Indeed learning there has brought out the best of me.

    -Hani Hammadeh