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About us

Envision’s training content and courses embody the communicative approach to learning, which follow the principles that each session is student and client centered, and where each training is tailored to fit the audience’s unique situation.

There is participation of the audience through small and whole group discussions, modeling, feedback, role-play, worksheets, and formative assessment. All of these participatory points will be done in a respected manner, where myriad cultures, backgrounds, and personalities are honored in a safe environment. Participants, who join Envision’s language and training courses, will be inspired and motivated throughout the trainings, which will help them subsume what is being learned. Clients will reach greatest potential by obtaining higher test results, better business relations, and increased fluency in their English skills.

Envision also strives to have a sustainable commitment wherever possible, which will grow as we grow, both in our client relationships and with the environment. We will demonstrate this in our energy efficient lighting, the water bottles we provide, in our recycling program, and in the food, which we serve at our workshops. We want to be the leader for comprehensible and hands-on courses, but will also strive to minimize our ecological footprint, so that future generations have the opportunities of today.

Specialized Finance Courses


Hani Hammadeh

“It has been my great pleasure to express my deep since of gratitude to the people of Envision. My learning there has been an awesome unprecedented memorable and joyous journey. I have been able to restore my confidence in my skills and enhance it further. Thank you for the great support and guidance I received, without that I would never be in here. Indeed learning there has brought out the best of me.”

Liuda Calin

“ I have had the pleasure of enrolling at Envision Language & Training Center and what a great experience it was! The course is absolutely exceptional and totally enjoyable with extremely valuable tips. Moreover, I feel like I have improved a lot.”


“I would like say that it was a great experience all together with Envision. I improved a lot in all my skills especially writing skills. It was a wonderful experience and special thanks to the teacher for all of her support and cooperation. I will be more than happy if I get a chance to recommend Envision to my friends.”


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